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We have been working very hard since lock down in March 2020. Daily webinars have been carefully reviewed and have provided us with all the critical information regarding infection control and prevention, so we can provide safe & efficient services for you and your family. We have met and exceeded the requirements as stated by the CDC, FDA, EPA, OSHA & NIOSH. 

During the lock down, we have been maintaining and updating our office equipment, central air, and water line systems. New additions are as follows: automatic hands-free treatment room doors and faucets, reengineered airflow design and control with double HEPA /carbon filters, UVC lights in central air duct system and individual units in treatment rooms. As of 5 years ago, automatic waterline flushing, extra oral evacuation systems, floor level central vacuum which acts as a populated air extractor, have already been put in place. Daily fogging with neutral hypochlorous acid and UVC disinfection to ensure no viable pathogen in the air & on any hard surfaces. Our countertops are solid surface material for easy disinfection & to eliminate any pathogen growth.  Our state of the art sterilizers and equipment waterlines are maintained and biologically test for effectiveness on a regular basis. In addition to the utmost precautions taken for the safety of both our clients and our staff, we are environmentally conscientious as well. All our protective uniform disinfection is done on site to minimize unnecessary waste. All office lighting is low energy consumption LED as of 5 years ago and our dental evacuation (suction) system does not use continuous water draining systems, unlike most other dental offices. A newly updated amalgam separator used to prevent the discharged amalgam into our sewage system is an example of our commitment to the society we serve. We HAVE NOT used amalgam as a filling material for over 25 years.

If you have any questions regarding our protocols for infection control and/or preventive measures, please call or email us. Our staff is happy to assist you as best they can. 

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